Polymer Drain


Information and properties

  • The strength and low weight of the MPP drain channel makes it suitable for water discharge in and around homes, garage doors, terraces and driveways.
  • These non-gradient channels are available in various widths, in 1m or 0.5m sections. The channels are assembled together by a tongue-in-groove connection. The surface grate can be selected as required by both the functional as well as esthetic factors.
  • The pressed design of the slot grate ensures unparalleled quality.
  • The FIX-locking system also allows easy installation as well as removal for cleaning of the polymer channel.
  • Various designs are available including stainless steel, copper, brass and cast iron.
  • The polymer channel MPP-Drain can be assembled to the Alu Side Line and inspection covers.
  • For technical details regarding the Alu Side Drain and inspection covers, please refer to the relevant pages for the necessary information.


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Product details
Polymer Drain
Type L (mm) H (mm) Weight (kg) Vert discharge Unit package without grate
SB100 B=100 D=125 1000 60 5.5 dia 110 120 pcs.
SB100 B=100 D=125 1000 80 7.3 dia 110 90 pcs.
SB100 B=100 D=125 1000 100 4.6 dia 110
Slot grate
Grate type Material L (mm) Slot width (mm) Weight (kg) Class
Slot grate Galvanised 1000 10 1.6 A15
Slot grate Galvanised 500 10 0.5 A15
Slot grate Galvanised 1000 6 1.5 A15
Slot grate Galvanised 500 6 0.8 A15


Odour trap
Dia For sand trap Weight (kg)
110 SB100 0.100

Also available with leaf guards.

Polymer sand trap
Type L (mm) H (mm) Weight (kg) Discharge
SB100 500 285 12.00 110

Include a galvanised bin.

Start and end piece
Type H (mm) Weight (kg) Integrated discharge
SB100 60 0.100
SB100 80 0.100 dia 50
SB100 100 0.100 dia 50/70/80