Tube Pro Line


Information and properties

  • Frame and cover are made of extruded aluminum profile and are easy to open with lifting keys. At the bottom of the frame, a pre-mounted adapter can be connected to a PVC outlet pipe (diam. 250, 315, 400mm).
  • Application: indoor and outdoor use.
  • The cover is screw tight.
  • The inspection cover is standard equipped with a reinforcement mesh.
  • The bottom is made of a 3mm galvanized steel plate (on request: bottom plate in 3mm aluminum).

gasdicht reukvrij waterdicht

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Product details
Tube Pro Line DC-60 TPL DC-80 TPL DC-100 TPL
Diameter PVC Pipe (mm) Frame size A x B (mm) Weight (kg) Weight (kg) Weight (kg)
252 400 x 400 7.56 8.86 9.60
318 500 x 500 11.08 12.39 13.27
405 600 x 600 15.22 16.72 17.74
Suitable for tiles x
Suitable for tiles and pavers x x