MPP is part of Buildmat

Buildmat is a Belgian group of successful companies that operate within the construction and other industries and are committed to the distribution of innovative products.

The Buildmat group is a dynamic and continually expanding organization. Entrepreneurship and customer focus are key. Buildmat is ambitious and invests in the development of its companies by continuously striving for innovation and digitalization.

Mission / Innovation


The markets in which we operate are evolving rapidly. Until recently fairly traditional sectors are now undergoing rapid changes. Hardly a week goes by without an innovative product, concept, method or technology being mentioned in the media.

Buildmat keeps pace with these developments. We constantly monitor the sectors in which we operate looking for innovative products and technologies. This is reflected in the range of products/services provided by our operating companies, in the growth and diversification of our group and in our unconditional focus on digitalisation.


Buildmat invests in both expansion and specialisation. Our acquisitions and participations are focused on specific segments. The companies in question each have their own product range and in-depth expertise and experience. This combination enables us to strive for excellence and added value in each of our operating companies. We want to systematically outperform the market.


Buildmat aims for horizontal integration, not only in terms of product ranges and niches, but also at an organisational level. At group level, we implement best-of-breed digital systems for, amongst others, logistics & supply chain, e-marketing and web shops, finance, etc., which we can quickly integrate and roll out in our different operating companies. This enables us to adapt quickly in all these areas and adopt a leading position in the market.

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